(B2 名詞) something that causes a lot of harm or damage // ()災害, ()惨事, 天災; 災難, 不幸, 災厄 // “floods and other natural disasters” // “He was a victim of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster” // (Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary)


(B1 形容詞) making somebody feel a little angry // 〈事・人などが〉いらだたせる, 腹立たしい, やっかいな, うるさい // “Please stop making that noise—it’s getting annoying” // “Her most annoying habit was eating with her mouth open” // (Oxford Learner’s Dictionary)


(B1 形容詞) wanting to do something or wanting something to happen very much // 〈人が〉…したいと熱望[切望]して // “John was very keen to help” // “We are keen that Britain should get involved too” // (Oxford Learner’s Dictionary)


(B2 動詞) //  to give something, especially money or goods, to help achieve or provide something // 提供する, 与える // “We contributed $5000 to the earthquake fund” // “a situation where husband and wife contribute equally to the family budget” // (Oxford Learner’s Dictionary) 


(B1 形容詞) showing a lack of thought, understanding, or judgement // 〈人が〉愚かな, ばかな, 賢明さのない // “The answers they give are plain silly” // “It sounds silly, I know, but think about it” // (Oxford Learner’s Dictionary)